about sustainable advantage

About Sustainable Advantage

We are one of the UK’s leading energy and waste management companies. We support a range of organisations including individual schools, multi academy trusts, office blocks, retailers, restaurant chains and manufacturing sites through to clients with over 500 locations.

We focus on cost reduction and the highest standards of service possible. Working in close partnership with our clients to not only achieve a significant cost reduction but also to improve management information, compliance and day to day service levels.

In both, waste and energy businesses we take a holistic approach and offer a full range of services enabling our clients to focus on their core business and leave us to ensure both their waste and energy costs are as low as possible.

In Energy We:

  • Procure gas and electricity

  • Ensure our supplier’s invoices are correct

  • Produce consumption reports

  • Manage and upgrade meter installations

  • Perform energy surveys and help clients use less energy

  • Ensure our clients are compliant with all relevant regulations

In Waste We:

  • Provide day to day waste management looking after all waste streams including general waste, recyclable waste, clinical and hazardous waste

  • Provide information on how much waste was taken away by waste stream and how the waste was disposed

  • Take care of all compliance

  • Our online portal can provide clients with 24/7 access to waste stats and all compliance documentation

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