Waste Compliance

waste compliance

Are you tired of trying to trace waste transfer notes, nervous about being fined, concerned about the possible impact on any ISO accreditations where relevant waste paperwork can’t be found in an audit? Do you know where your waste ends up? According to our research over 80% of companies are concerned about whether they are compliant!

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Manage your Waste more Efficiently

Waste for many businesses and schools is a forgotten area in which they can save money and in turn increase their standard of waste management, in terms of recycling and reducing the amount of waste that is produced. This will result in a larger awareness of the benefits of having a better structured waste system […]

Most schools can relatively easily save in excess of 10% on their waste costs

School waste management

Schools are under increasing cost pressures and whilst waste isn’t top of the list schools can spend anywhere from £5,000 to £40,000 a year on waste. A 10% saving is well worth making, especially if the benefits are good for the environment as well and set a good example for students.

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Waste in the healthcare sector – challenges and opportunities in waste

healtcare waste management

The health and clinical sector generates a significant volume of waste and with waste costs rising each year this has meant it is increasingly being looked at more closely. In addition to disposal costs there is a great deal of waste legislation that needs to be complied with.

How to maximise your recycling and revenue

How to maximise your recycling and revenue We work with over 100 hotels across the UK and have extensive knowledge and experience of how to help hotels produce less waste and reduce their waste costs. So what do we do? Our procurement power of over £15m a year in waste helps us achieve low waste removal costs […]

3 key ways to improve your waste costs

reducing waste costs

3 key ways to improve your waste costs

  • There is no point having low collection costs for your waste if the bins are half full and you’re paying for air to be moved.
  • Why pay the maximum disposal costs for general waste where 80% of the waste streams in the bins are recyclable?
  • Do you earn revenues from waste streams that have value?

Waste companies have no desire to be efficient, in fact, they like half-filled bins and won’t tell you otherwise.

So what should you do? “It has always been done like that, we’ve always had those bins there and put X in there” is what we hear most often. Getting a second unbiased pair of eyes to review the waste set up is crucial.

You should always start by looking at the internal bin set up.

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