Energy Management and
Procurement Services

Reducing an organisation’s energy costs is a complex exercise requiring skilled personnel with years of experience. Getting it right can mean savings in the hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Procuring energy effectively requires constant monitoring of wholesale energy markets, deep industry knowledge, good working relationships with all the energy providers and skilled negotiation.

However effective procurement is only half the battle. Organisations also need to ensure that invoices reflect contractual agreements and that each month’s consumption data is captured and converted into information that facilitates making sound and timely business decisions.

Sustainable Advantage offers all these services in house, working seamlessly in partnership with our clients’ teams to minimise energy costs. We ensure that each client’s objectives, risk profile and resources are taken into account in each decision. Effective communication, proactivity and transparency foster long-term relationships with our clients.

Clients depend on Sustainable Advantage to take the strain from all energy related activities, freeing them up to concentrate on their core activities.

Energy Management Services that we offer


Our team of professionals constantly monitor the markets to ensure you are locking your energy contracts in at the most opportune time.


Ensuring you only pay what you have to and producing reports analysing consumption data sets you up to make proactive changes to reduce costs.


Useful information generated by our teams on consumption patterns followed up by energy surveys results in cost effective investment decisions that reduce costs in the future.


Increasing energy compliance is taking more and more management time. Our team take this headache away from you and ensure you are 100% compliant.

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