Education – Waste and Energy Management

Waste has been neglected as an area for savings in all sectors. However, it is fast becoming an area of focus in schools that often have numerous sites and numerous waste streams to deal with. Disposing of general waste, food waste, clinical waste and at the same time ensuring minimal impact on the environment by recycling as much as possible, can present all sorts of challenges. And many schools are doing this across many locations with the potential to achieve economies of scale, especially considering the volumes they are producing.

So why waste time considering waste? Many schools have already embraced this area as savings of up to 20% can be made on waste management spending with our unique approach. Waste can be managed much more efficiently, allowing significant cost reduction and it doesn’t need to be the headache it can be for staff who have more important things to spend their time on.

And in education, the added benefit of dealing with your waste effectively is the positive message this gives to future generations – the importance of environmental awareness.

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