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tram infrastructure

KenEx cross-Thames tram system proposal progresses

|Press Release KenEx cross-Thames tram system proposal is received positively by Local Authorities and is ‘certainly feasible’ Plans for a £600million tram scheme connecting Kent and Essex and incorporating an immersed tunnel under the Thames have received a further boost following the positive results of a recent feasibility study. The…
sustainable restaurant association

Sustainable Advantage joins the Sustainable Restaurant Association

|Press Release Waste sustainability consultant joins the Sustainable Restaurant Association The Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) was launched in 2010 by two sustainability experts and two restauranteurs wanting to lead the charge for the hospitality industry facing the ongoing challenge of sustainability, by encouraging best practice and rating restaurants on their…
clean power for construction

Continuous clean power for construction sites

Estimates suggest construction equipment is responsible for 7% of NOx emissions in London, 25% of which comes from generators. While Temporary Builders’ Supplies (TBS) are being connected there can sometimes be a gap in clean power, between site mobilisation and TBS availability. We’ve teamed up with battery storage manufacturer Off…