An intelligent approach

to energy & waste management

We are one of the UK’s leading energy and waste management companies.

An intelligent approach to energy & waste management.
We support a range of private and public sector organisations
by analysing their energy and waste costs and reducing them through effective procurement.

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Dealing with clinical waste

Waste is probably not your largest area of expenditure, therefore, can be your most wasteful if not properly handled. If not set up correctly, dealing with waste can take an inordinate amount of staff effort to manage. With the potential for fines and the ultimate risk of facility closure, it…

Could plant-based plastics help tackle waste pollution?

We know that plastic waste is a big problem for the planet - our oceans are becoming clogged with the stuff and we're rapidly running out of landfill sites with 9% only recycled. Burning it contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. So could plant-based alternatives and better recycling…

UK industry pays 33% more for electricity than rest of Europe

..As you will probably know, wholesale energy costs increased steadily over 2017. In addition, the fixed / pass-through charges levied by the Government also increased. As a result, you are most certainly going to pay more for your energy in 2018. There is something you can do. Now more than…