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rebuilding business

Rebuilding Business Sustainably in 2020

Progress on climate action and sustainability could be a casualty of the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis, according to a new report from the World Economic Forum. But incorporating green programmes into recovery plans also presents an opportunity to rebuild better.The pandemic has forced many organisations to rethink strategies and business models…
houses of parliament

PM lays out plan for ‘Green Industrial Revolution’

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson took steps this week to address some of the country’s largest remaining sources of greenhouse gas emissions, announcing plans to end the sale of new gas and diesel cars within a decade and change the way people heat their homes. The plans are expected to…
csr social value reporting

The Rise of Social Value

Since the introduction of The Public Service (Social Value) Act, the social benefits generated by publicly funded projects now have a greater influence on the way work is won by contractors. The Act placed a formal requirement on public sector organisations to consider the economic, social and environmental benefits for…