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January 2018

Waste management for businesses

Scottish Whisky Association to ban plastic straws to tackle waste

Scottish Whisky Association to ban plastic straws. The representative body for Scotland’s whisky industry has announced it will ban plastic straws and drinks stirrers in an effort to reduce the impact of plastic waste on the planet. The Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) has said the move is part of its…
Energy management for businesses

Ofgem hunts for rescue supplier after energy firm goes bust

he energy regulator is on the hunt for an company in the sector willing to take on the 10,000 customers left stranded in the wake of another collapsed provider in the industry. Tyneside-based Future Energy on Thursday became the second energy minnow to fold this winter, triggering a scramble to find…
renewable energy procurement for businesses

Budweiser switches to renewable energy for US brewing

Budweiser said it has switched all its US brewing to renewable electricity and is adding a clean energy logo to its labels as part of a global shift to green power by its parent AB InBev. A “100 percent renewable electricity” symbol will be added to US bottles and cans,…
Energy management for businesses

1m more smart meters which hinder switching could be rolled out

So far 8.6m first generation, or SMETS1, meters have been installed. This year is meant to herald the first big push to roll out more advanced SMETS2 meters, which do not have the interoperability problems of the older ones. But in a private letter to energy companies on Thursday, the…