Energy Services

An intelligent approach to energy management.

Energy Management Services & Procurement – Procuring energy effectively requires constant monitoring of wholesale energy markets, deep industry knowledge, good working relationships with all the energy providers and skilled negotiation.

However effective procurement is only half the battle. Organisations also need to ensure that invoices reflect contractual agreements. Consumption data is captured monthly and converted into information that facilitates making business decisions.
We offer all these services in-house. Working seamlessly in partnership with our clients’ teams to minimise energy costs. We ensure that each client’s objectives, risk profile and resources are taken into account in each decision.

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Energy Reduction 

Our budgeting and subsequent invoice-validation services highlight problem areas and areas of opportunity.


We take care of all aspects of our clients’ energy compliance.

Audits & Surveys

Review of how energy is used within a building or industrial site.  It includes a physical inspection of buildings and equipment.

Bureau Services

You should not pay more than what you should, about 5% of all invoices are incorrect.

Staff Awareness

As important as technology and physical changes are in the achievement of savings, the day-to-day behaviour of individuals and teams is just as critical and needs to be addressed.


We seek to understand each client’s objectives and their risk profile.