Energy Services

An intelligent approach to energy management

Our experience and expertise in the energy market, and our strong relationships with all the energy suppliers gives us access to the most competitive rates available.  We take the time to understand your business’ energy needs, constantly monitor the wholesale energy markets for you and manage the negotiation of contracts and renewals to keep your energy costs as low as possible.

Beyond procurement, our software systems and processes, using actual consumption data, ensure billing accuracy. Our bureau team resolve all billing queries directly with your energy suppliers and provide a monthly query log to keep you informed as to what is in query and accounting accruals to be made.  Our data analysis can show you where energy is being used inefficiently and recommend corrective actions, further reducing your costs.

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Reducing Energy Consumption

With energy costs rising, a focus on preventing energy waste is vital. Our energy platform monitors and identifies areas where you can reduce your energy consumption in real time and in a cost effective way, producing immediate savings. We also provide site audits and equipment surveys to reduce your energy use and lower your costs.


We’ll ensure your business is compliant with the all current legislation and we can help you take advantage of any energy saving schemes relevant to your business.

Custom Reporting

We can create custom reports for you, showing energy usage across one or a league table of multiple sites, showing kWh or monetary values to suit your needs. Energy consumption dashboards benchmarked to relevant KPI’s with alerts are popular with our clients for improving staff awareness and driving energy-saving behaviour.

Bureau Services

Our bill validation services ensure you pay only for the energy you use – preventing estimated bills and overpayments. Utility suppliers are managed for you by your Sustainable Advantage account manager, ensuring the services and charges you receive are in line with your contracts and queries are dealt with effectively and in a timely manner.


Our award-winning energy procurement team have a track record of outperforming the market. They work to understand your requirements and recommend the best utility purchasing strategy.

New Connections

We complete more than 350 utility infrastructure connections per annum, removing the complexity and burden of dealing directly with the utility networks and ensuring correctly specified connections are delivered on time at the lowest possible cost.