Social and 

Corporate Governance


It is vital for every business to take accountability for their environmental, social and governance performance. Sustainable Advantage works with its clients to improve their understanding and operations, whilst showcasing their successes.

Environmental -

We help companies, in their use of natural resources, to improve their impact on the environment. This includes support with monitoring, analysing and presenting energy, waste, water, transport and carbon emissions data.

Social -

Increasingly, companies are recognising their impact on people. We highlight our clients’ current and future initiatives, demonstrating how they positively impact their employees, customers and communities across their business activity.

Governance -

Every company requires good governance and transparency around their decision-making. We assist our clients by ensuring their policies, leadership and strategic direction are in line with their sustainability goals.

Our deliverables include:

  • working directly with our clients to understand their business’ culture, activity and requirements
  • benchmarking performance against our clients’ key competitors, their clients and prospective clients
  • creating an annual Sustainability/ESG Report that matches our clients’ needs, outlining key metrics, actions and future plans
  • providing our clients with ongoing assistance and resources to deliver proactive change