Estimates suggest construction equipment is responsible for 7% of NOx emissions in London, 25% of which comes from generators.

While Temporary Builders’ Supplies (TBS) are being connected there can sometimes be a gap in clean power, between site mobilisation and TBS availability. We’ve teamed up with battery storage manufacturer Off Grid Energy to close this gap.

While we plan, implement and accelerate delivery of the TBS or permanent grid power, Off Grid Energy connect a battery to the generator – reducing its running hours and significantly improving fuel efficiency. As well as cutting emissions, noise is also reduced and fewer tanker movements are needed, improving safety.

With a TBS in place providing a constant supply of energy to site, the battery system can remain available covering the short periods of high demand that the TBS alone would normally struggle to deliver, such as crane start-up.

Interest in sustainability in construction especially emissions is growing since the Government’s Clean Air Strategy introduced legislation governing emissions produced by engines fitted in NRMM (non-road mobile machinery).

TBS connections and battery technology provide an easy solution for construction companies wanting to reduce operating costs as well as demonstrate they’re making environmental improvements under ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) and SECR (Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting), which replaced CRCEES in April 2019.

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