UK Electricity market.

s you will probably know, wholesale energy costs increased steadily over 2017. In addition, the fixed / pass-through charges levied by the Government also increased.

As a result, you are most certainly going to pay more for your energy in 2018. There is something you can do. Now more than ever, we are encouraging companies to focus on consumption reporting and consumption reduction initiatives.

We successfully support over 4,000 sites in the UK. We work closely with our clients, as a result, their energy costs are reduced to the lowest possible levels. Analysing the energy usage patterns and levels of each property. Utilising our in-house knowledgeable energy experts to make insightful changes each month.

British industry pays on average a third more for electricity, than many counterparts in Europe who have reaped the benefits of better interconnections.

The findings, in a report published by University College London, will reopen the debate on the high electricity bills. The report proposes several policy changes to support “competitive” prices, including making it easier to invest in low-cost renewable energy sources.

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