Are you tired of trying to trace waste transfer notes, nervous about being fined, concerned about the possible impact on any ISO accreditations where relevant waste paperwork can’t be found in an audit? Do you know where your waste ends up? According to our research, over 80% of companies are concerned about whether they are compliant!


It’s a legal obligation to ensure that:

  • · Each non-scheduled / routine waste movement is accompanied by a consignment note/waste transfer note
  • · Each site requires an annual duty of care issued by each waste company removing waste from your site on a scheduled basis

And that’s the issue ….. the volume of these documents is immense, created for each waste movement on all of your sites. The reality is many of these compliance documents are incomplete, never land up in the required recipients’ hands and are either not produced or left on site and subsequently lost.


So why is this an issue?

· Well there are fines by the EA for not having these documents stored

· It could negatively impact tendering if you are fined and have to declare this, especially if your clients follow OJEU or rigorous tendering processes

· It could negatively impact accreditations such as ISO14001

And that’s not where compliance ends…

· Do all waste suppliers visiting your sites have the appropriate permits to do so?

· Are their insurances up to date? If not, what happens if they damage your property or knock someone over while clearing your waste

· Do you know where the waste is taken? Is it disposed of correctly?

I’m sure you’ll agree, that’s many documents across a range of areas across multiple sites in various forms.

The solution is 4 fold:

· Having a person or organization responsible for compliance

· Having suppliers send these documents to you electronically

· Having a checklist matching invoices received to compliance notes received

· Having a portal to store these by site by month

The good news is Sustainable Advantage has a compliance team that takes care of all of the above with the waste journey documented from start to finish, all compliance documents collated on your behalf, suppliers vetted and relevant insurances and permits gathered …. All stored on our online portal where you can access it 24/7.

CASE STUDY: Ensuring over 700 needle exchange sites are compliant

Sustainable Advantage (SA) looks after all of the waste arising from Change Grow Live’s (“CGL”) circa 700 sites. CGL is the UK’s largest needle exchange provider helping people with drug and alcohol addiction. All the sites require needle/sharps waste to be removed aside from medical waste, shredding and then your more traditional general and recycling waste streams. All of the clinical waste needs waste transfer notes created and stored resulting in 1,000’s of documents. Collating and storing these was a major headache for the CGL team and a massive headache during audits (internal and external).

Another key concern for CGL was knowing:

  • Which waste companies are responsible for each waste stream and that they have waste carrier licenses
  • That they have to date and adequate insurance cover
  • Where the waste ends up and that the transfer station has the appropriate certificates
  • That each site had to date annual duty of care documentation from each supplier taking responsibility for the relevant waste streams

One of the key reasons SA was appointed was because of our online portal where all compliance documents are stored, available anywhere (stored in the cloud) 24/7. When any auditor requires documentary evidence of compliance CGL simply gives them the online username and password and any documents can be accessed – per site, for any month and document type. The feedback is always overwhelmingly positive.

“We appointed Sustainable Advantage to manage waste services across all our 200+ sites, a number of which include clinical as well as your standard waste streams. Sustainable Advantage analysed our spend and projected savings in excess of 20%, in reality, we were delighted when actually they delivered savings in excess of 30%”

Head of Procurement, CGL

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