Our Clients

These range from small, single-site operations to clients with over 500 sites. We work in partnership with them to add value in terms of energy and/or waste management.

Many of our clients have commented on how much we’ve helped them. It gives us a great sense of achievement to know we’re making a big impact and that our actions are directly contributing to our clients’ success.

What They’re Saying About Us

“Sustainable Advantage has looked after our private school portfolio for the past five years and they do a fantastic job understanding the needs of each site. They ensure a speedy response and resolution to any rare management issue. ”

Alpha Plus Group LtdFinance Director

“Sustainable Advantage has worked with us for over four years and is very much embedded in our business as our energy support services partner. The success of the relationship is thanks to good communication and a truly fully managed service.”

Pret A Manger Finance Director

“We engaged Sustainable Advantage to help us reduce our energy usage via staff engagement and behavioural change. This is no easy task within a hospital environment where many staff are reluctant to change.”

NHSProcurement Manager

“We appointed Sustainable Advantage to manage waste services across all our 200+ sites, a number of which include clinical as well as standard waste. We were delighted when they delivered savings in excess of 30%.”

CGLHead of Procurement