school waste management

Waste Management for Schools

Reducing waste and increasing recycling can save your school money, energy and natural resources. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to teach the students how reducing, reusing and recycling waste can make a difference to their school, community, and the environment.

Sustainable Schools

Increasingly, schools are being viewed as role models for eco-friendly waste management. The Government provided guidance with the Sustainable Schools Framework, which sets out a range of environmental and social goals they’d like schools to be achieving. 'Purchasing and Waste' is one of eight doorways schools can address in order to become more sustainable.

Sustainable Advantage can provide you with an efficient school waste management system, helping you to reduce, reuse and recycle and providing you with the peace of mind that your waste management is in the hands of professionals, using sustainable solutions and ensuring a regulation-compliant waste management chain - from collection to final disposal.

What’s the process?

School waste comes in many different forms which is often the reason why schools struggle with implementing an efficient school waste management system. We start with a site visit and waste audit, to find out what your school is currently throwing away. We then make recommendations on waste container type, quantity, size and collection frequency in order to maximise recycling levels and optimise the waste collection service.

We’ve found that most waste from schools is recyclable - food, paper and card. Currently on average primary schools recycle only 13% of their waste and secondary schools only 20%*.  We offer recycling services that your local councils may not, collecting items such as batteries, printer cartridges and old mobile phones and we’ve helped our school clients recycle up to 60% of their total waste.

* WRAP schools waste analysis

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