Wholesale Energy Costs in 2018

As you will no doubt be aware wholesale energy costs increased steadily over 2017. In addition, the fixed / pass-through charges levied by the Government also increased, meaning you are most certainly going to pay more for your energy in 2018.

The good news is there is something you can do. Now more than ever, we are encouraging companies to focus on consumption reporting and consumption reduction initiatives. Low hanging fruit usually results in a 5-10% reduction in energy costs. These initiatives often don’t involve any CapEx outlay and so all reductions reduce cost. Post this there are many initiatives that will result in a payback of fewer than 18 months.

We support over 4,000 sites in the UK working closely with our clients to ensure energy costs are reduced to the lowest possible levels. Analysing the energy usage patterns and levels of each property and utilising our in-house knowledgeable energy experts to make insightful changes each month.

Energy management for businesses

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